The use of modules as elements for composing and organising a painting has been an integral part of my work from the very beginning. By using chromatic harmonies or combining colours to create optical vibrations, the artistic expression of the modular compositions takes on a sensitive and expressive artistic character. It is worth noting that several of these modular compositions are geometric abstractions in the strict sense, which leave a more or less pronounced trace of their origin in the final artwork.

MERGING MODULES is an example of geometric abstraction inspired by the technological world that surrounds us, although there is no hint of the source in the final paintings. In this series, the artistic expression resides in modules that have the flexibility to stretch both horizontally and vertically. However, the most important aspect lies in the merging of identical colours of adjacent modules, bestowing the painting with a cohesive and harmonious unity.

nIn the series  MODULAR CHAINS the module consists of three elements of the same colour. The primary, wider element, is flanked by two thinner ones positioned at equal distance from the main element. In this way adjacent modules interlock together to create artistic expression through colour interactions. The idea for this type of modules came, as indicated by the name, from the structure of a chain.

In the MODULAR FIELD paintings, the modules take on a basic form and the composition of the paintings depends entirely on the choice of colour of the modules. Especially in some of the modular field paintings it is unmistakable that they have been derived by geometric abstraction.

In MODULAR CADENCES, the modules stand out individually from the background and display a regular repetition all over the canvas. Variations of the modular compositions within this series are achieved through thoughtful interventions in form, colour, and placement of the modules. Discover the alternative narrative of two assemblages of Modular Cadences that are presented in the section Beyond.