In my artistic work, I’ve used various methods to explore the versatility of broken lines, from minimalistic to more complexes forms of artistic expression.

A line segment, essentially a broken line drawn from edge to edge of the canvas, represents the purest form of minimalistic expression. The combination of several  segments can be employed to create rhythms, cadences, planes and perspectives. All these elements can be used simultaneously thus multiplying the possibility for artistic expression.

To enhance dynamic in paintings, I often utilise the Fibonacci sequence and its permutations to establish rhythmic patterns, while for a more serene expression, I rely on evenly spaced cadences.

In a series dedicated to the square, I pursued a minimalistic approach close to drawing. To this end, I reduced the square to its outline, deconstructed it, and then reassembled it using broken lines, thus creating a unique artistic expression. In the Mixed Media section, you can explore more work related to squares whith other types of broken lines.

One captivating visual effect that can be used for artistic expression emerges when lines are intentionally interrupted and then continued, leaving a gap. This type of broken line enhances paintings by creating virtual textures and making the background colour appear brighter at the break point. These subtle yet intriguing effects enrich the paintings and engage the observant viewer.

Embark on a journey through the world of broken lines and experience the myriad ways they convey artistic expression, including an alternative narrative of an assemblage of Broken Lines that is presented in the section Beyond.